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Photo Realistic 3D Visualization To Help You Decide

Blue Marble 3D™ provides modeling, rendering, virtual reality visualization and consultation. Thanks to its experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment, it is unparalleled among 3D visualization and virtual reality companies, saving businesses valuable time and cost in architectural layout and design decisions.

Virtual Reality: EON Reality's Icube

A Revolution in Visualization: The EON Icube, a powerful virtual reality solution, allows physical movement inside the virtual representation of your space.Those who experience the Icube can move around, look above and below objects and maneuver throughout whatever virtual space you dream of. Blue Marble 3D, pioneer among virtual reality companies, has a full installation at their location in Chicagoland.

3D Rendering Services

Architectural Rendering Services: Blue Marble 3D creates stunning, detailed renderings and 360° images (called panoramas) that help you visualize prototype implementations, redesign ideas and effective use of space in new or existing locations, in the retail, restaurant, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Blue Marble 3D has the tools and skills to take your ideas and bring them into reality, letting you walk inside or fly around them, play with the elements, test changes and arrive at a final decision. All without laying a single brick or even making a scale model.

Click here to tell us about your project and we will be glad to explain all visualization options, in terms of cost, time, detail level and interactivity.

Success Stories

Chick-fil-A cut down time and cost by replacing physical mockups with photo realistic virtual reality models in design decisions. Learn more

President of Sbarro's moved through a to-scale virtual reality simulation and identified three critical design changes that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars. Learn more

Ditka’s marketing team utilizes photo realistic renderings and 360° panoramas to showcase nine different dining hall configurations to private dining customers. Learn more

Hyatt design staff made incalculable cost savings in the renovation of one of their flagship hotels by simulating layout choices through virtual reality. Learn more